Here's the Plan...

Preventative pest control is key to keeping your home free of pests. 1 Atomic Pest Control can help you with not only the treatment of pests - but also help prevent un-wanted pest presence later. Each one of our control plans for pests is custom built to fit your house and your problem.


As a business, your success and reputation depend on building trust with loyal customers. Unfortunately, a problem with rats, mice, cockroaches, other bugs, ants or other pests can quickly tarnish that reputation. But their impact doesn't stop at your bottom line - pests in or around your building can also pose a threat to your business.

1 Atomic Pest Control programs strategically examines your specific type of business - from retail and property management, to food service, healthcare, schools and more - and identifies the ideal pest control approach to comply with strict commercial regulations. It's commercial pest control from the expert that's designed to succeed, so your business can continue to succeed.


An initial service both inside and outside of your home gets to the pests you see and the pests you don't.
We inspect and treat the perimeter of your home to help prevent new home invasions.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and regular scheduled treatments will help stop outside pests before they enter your home.

Don't let cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs or other foul pests take over your home. Eliminate current infestations and protect your home from future pest problems.

# 1 Solution for all your Pest Control needs